Can I still use the on screen keyboard with the keyboard connected?

The idea is I would use this most of the time but if I am not at a table and am standing or something I can still type with the on screen when the keyboard cover is connected and folded up behind the iPad so does it have some way for it to know when the keyboard is "out" in a useable manner or do I have to just take of the keyboard cover and hold it when I want to use the onscreen keyboard? (I actually what to know this for the 9.7" iPad keyboard cover but I would think they are the same so...)

Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Yes. Update to iOS 9.3 or later. When typing in a document or a text field, the Shortcut Bar (the top row of the on-screen keyboard) is displayed across the bottom of the iPad’s screen. Rather than tap the downwards-pointing arrow at the right end of the bar, hold a fingertip on it for a moment and the full software keyboard will appear, giving you access to things like the dictation/microphone key.

  • Yes when the keyboard is not in the prime position (like in the Picture)