Can I text from my watch I've purchased?

Can I receive and send messages from the watch I've purchased

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    Yes. You can receive text messages on the Apple Watch. To send a text, you have a few options. You can select from several common replies such as, "Yes," and "Great!" You can also choose from various emojis, including some cool animated ones. You can also use the microphone to dictate a text. I am quite impressed with the accuracy of this feature.

  • Yes. You'll be able to receive texts and reply to them by saying what you want to text, but you do need an iPhone for that.
    I believe you could use the iPhone 5 and up.
    Without an iPhone, your Apple Watch is useless, but I guess you already knew that.

    Have fun with your new watch!

  • YES YOU CAN I BOUGHT ONE AND I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!