Can i use my airport express to both extend my network and connect a printer for wireless printing at the same time or do i need two airport expresses

I have an airport express hooked up to a printer in my office which is located a considerable distance from my base station and I have an IMac in my office as well. I was hoping that the airport express could be configured to extend my network as well as be used to connect the printer to the network. When I go to configure it it is more of an either one or the other proposition by asking me if I want to do one or the other during the set up. Do I need two airport expresses if I want to do both things?

  • Asked by fn from Ridgewood
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    No. One ae is all you need. I have it configured to extend network, USB printer now on network ( not an airplay printer by the way) and have sky box plugged into Ethernet.
    Works great. Well worth it.

    • Answered by Mark W