Can i use my Airport Express to extend my wireless network with another brand router?

I bought an Airport Express to extend the wifi signal at home, but I have a Dynex router. Is it going to work without cable? ANd if I buy the Airport Extreme base, may i reply the signal without a cable?

  • Asked by fn from Sao Paulo
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Although it isn't made very obvious, Airport Express can only extend a network generated by an Airport Extreme.

    • Answered by David S
  • Wireless signals are the same regardless of router (as long as same designation such as wireless N, G or wireless B) therefor they will work together but you need to configure the airport to talk to your main router. You will have to read the routers manual to see how to configure a wireless extender using said router

    • Answered by Todd L from Burnaby