Can I use my Airport Extreme as an Airport express if I buy a Time Capsule?

I have an Airport Extreme I use as ruter.
I'd like to extend my wireless range and buy a TC to back up all my devices.
Can I use my current Airport Extreme to extend my wireless range if I buy a TC? Or do I still need also an Airport Express?

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1 Answer from the Community

  • I have a TC next to my imac backing up and serving as primary router. I am using an airport extreme in another part of the house to extend range and it works great. So in short what you want will work fine just be careful setting up the extreme to extend in the settings and you do not need an express. As a side note I also have the prior version of the currently available airport express in yet another part of the house I bought later to further extend but it does not work well at all for that purpose in my set up so I am about to buy another extreme to replace it. Not sure if the newest express would work better but if so it would be nice to save the money. Good luck. Hope that helps.