Can I use my AirPort Time Capsule as a wireless access point?

My house is wired with ethernet jacks everywhere but my Xfinity router/cable modem combo isn't strong enough. I would like to know if I can set up the Time Capsule as a Wireless Access Point for the current network. As a separate question, I would also like to know how to set up the Time Capsule as a separate Wifi network in the house (new name/password) using the Airport Time Capsule. How do I do that as well?

  • Asked by fn from Los Altos
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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  • Yes you can. I am currently doing that in my house. Once it is connected to the network hardwired just create a new network. If you don't have a multi port router/cable modem, you will need to get one.

    The biggest issue I am having is trying to set the priority to bandwidth. We have currently 15 clients for my airport time capsule so it doesn't let everything on all the time.

    • Answered by Milton S from San Diego