Can i use the express to extend the network of my school's wifi?

I have free wifi on my macBook from my school. But the school's wifi does not reach my whole appartment. Can i extend the wireless internet by using the express so that it will reach the rest of my appartment?

Is it able to extend a network, where i don't have the modem or ethernet cable to. All i have is wifi in my bedroom and would like to extend it about 20 feet to my living room. Thanks!

  • Asked by fn from San Jose
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    I talked with an apple representative and that is the purpose of this device. It is used to extend the wifi network, and make it go into another part of the house. It would be perfect for your need.

    • Answered by Steven L from Deer Park
  • I am currently using my AirPort Express to extend the WiFi network in my house, from a Netgear Router supplied by the ISP, which was all organised by the landlord. I think this would depend on what they are using, but i wanted to clarify this product is not exclusively compatible with Apple products. From AirPort Utility if you select 'Join a wireless network' you can select any in range and put in the password if requires. Hope this helps, as previous answer was wrong.

    • Answered by Sam C from Melbourne
  • Short answer - no.

    You can only extend a network where the main base station is apple equipment - i.e. time capsule, airport extreme of express. In an educational/corporate setting I would not think this would be the case.

    • Answered by Oliver J