Can I use this drive with Time Machine on my iMac?

If I can use this device with Time Machine on my iMac can my son who has a Macbook Pro can he set up his time machine to use this drive at the same time? How many other iPhone/iPads can use the device at the same time?

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    YES. Promise added Time Machine compatibility in a recent update. From Promise support: "To enable Time Machine functionality with Apollo Cloud, you must first make sure the device firmware is 0.01.0000.92 or above AND your Mac Apollo Cloud App is software version or above."

  • Sorry, Apollo doesn't work with Time Machine to back up your data.
    For sharing the same Apollo for yourself and you son, you (as the owner) can create a share member account for him.
    Both you and your son will have private space on the same Apollo.
    Users (owner and share members) can have multiple mobile devices and Mac systems to access your Apollo account at the same time.
    Of course, if multiple members and devices access the Apollo at the same time, performance will be degraded.