can it fit iphone 6s?

Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

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    no it cant, it will look silly, the camera cut out is cosiderably larger for the ipgone 7 and the camera on the 6s is lots smaller. you are better off buying the silicone case for the iphone 6s from another website

  • The iphone 6/6s case will not fit the iphone7 as the camera won't fit in the camera slot. you will have to buy a new case that is designed with the iphone 7 in mined. Apple has a range of cases to pick from go to were you'll see the range of cases apple has to offer.

  • that's a no because the case is not the correct size to fit from the iPhone 6+ to the iPhone 7+. The cause is that the 7+ has 2 cameras and the case only works for one camera.