Can mac apps like Finder, Photos, and iTunes directly access files on Apollo?

Does the Apollo mount in the Finder like a normal external drive, so I can browse files and folders? Can its files be accessed directly by the Mac Photos app (so photos and videos can be stored on Apollo, but imported to the Mac Photos LIBRARY as referenced files)? Same question about iTunes.

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1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes, Apollo Cloud has Mac apps for users to directly access files on Apollo. Not only your personal files, but also the Shared files from your Apollo Cloud members.
    Once you download and open the Apollo Mac app, all files on Apollo can be accessed from your Mac at anywhere while both devices are internet connected.
    All photo and video in your mobile devices can be automatically uploaded to Apollo Cloud when you enable the Camera Roll automatically uploading feature in Apollo app. You can treat the photo/video in Apollo Cloud as same as your Mac Photos Library copy.
    Currently, iTune is not accessible from other 3rd party app directly. You are not able to link the files from Apollo Cloud to your iTune account.