Can the 29W USB Power adapter be used in place of the 10W USB power adapter to charger my 3rd gen. iPad?

Hello fellow Apple users! I have a 3rd Gen. iPad & I have the original charging cord and adapter that came with it.However, one of the prongs on the 10W power adapter that plugs into the wall has broken off completely,leaving me without a way to charge my iPad. My question is will the 29W USB power adapter that is for sell on be safe to charge my iPad? My concern is that the 29W adapter opposed to the 10W will be too much power and cause damage to the ipad or the battery,or does anyone possibly know where I can find a 10W USB Power Adapter for a 3rd Gen. iPad ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
~ Katie A. from NC.

  • Asked by fn from Locust
29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

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    Wattage is not the same as voltage. The device would only draw as many watts as it needs to charge itself. This may speed up charging times by using a higher watt charger. Please don't leave it down on something that can hold heat in it (example charge it on the bed) so you don't damage it from heat. It will be fine.

    • Answered by Kaylyn G from Cottondale