Can the 87W USB-C power adapter be used with the NEW iPhone Xs Max? and will it damage the Xs Max?

  • Asked by fn from Thane
87W USB-C Power Adapter

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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    Apple's USB-C Power Supplies utilize PD. This is a USB-C power delivery protocol that allows for multiple power output profiles. If you look at the side of your power supply you can see all of the profiles listed. There is a profile for 5.2V 3A which will deliver essentially 15W at a safe voltage to a mobile device. (MFi standards for an iPhone are not to exceed 5.25V).

    New iPhone and iPad models can accept higher than the prior MFi Maximum 12W power (5.2V 2.4A). In these scenarios, the iPhone can "quick charge", or can re-charge about 50% of the battery in about 30 mins.

    No worries about damaging the iPhone because the power supply requires essentially a "handshake" with the mobile device (iPad, Macbook, MacBook Pro) to pass higher voltage. If the device cannot handle the higher current / voltage PD profiles, the power supply will revert to the lowest profile.

    Hopefully, this helps clear this up. USB-C is a very cool standard and I think because it is new there is not much press around its versatility. Could be an opportunity for Apple to market up these features and educate users while also building more value around its products ;)

    • Answered by Derick D from Ladera Ranch
  • Yes. Apparently I can't post Apple's own URL here, so here's a snippet from their web page.

    Fast charge your iPhone

    Use fast charge with iPhone 8 or later. You can recharge your iPhone up to 50 percent battery in 30 minutes.*

    Fast charging gives you a quick and convenient way to recharge your iPhone 8 or later. Your iPhone fast charges up to 50 percent in 30 minutes when you use an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and one of these adapters:

    - Apple 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter
    - A comparable third-party USB-C power adapter that supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD)

    • Answered by Shannon E from Susanville