Can the USB port be used for an external hard-drive that I could share over the network?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Negative. Apple's specs page informs me the USB port is printers only. For sharing a hard drive, you'd want to look at the AirPort Extreme instead.

  • Nope, only the extreme can do that, the USB port on the express is for printer sharing only.

  • Yes, you can. You only need a USB hub (should be self powered). Connect your USB hub with USB port of AirPort Express. After that connect your external hard drive and printer with USB hub. All works fine.

  • i just asked apple and they say it will work

  • Nope - just a printer on the Express

  • Unfortunately not, it's for printing only.

  • No, you would need the extreme for that.

  • No. Only on Airport Extreme.

  • The specs page says only a printer for the 2012 model.

  • no, according to the documentation printers only on the usb port.

  • No, it cannot. The USB can only be used for printers.

  • The answer is no per HT201712 google that

  • I don't think so I think you'd need to buy a time capsule for that purpose