Can this be used along with the airport extreme but be placed in a different part of the house?


I have a Mac and Comcast. I already own an Airport Extreme which is connected to my comcast router. I am looking to boost the wifi signal so that I can have it reach my back patio for parties. How would I set all of this up if it is even possible. If this doesn't work are there any other suggestion for what I can purchase to boost the signal from my extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Malaga
  • Asked about:  AirPort Express

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    Yes. This is exactly what I am doing. I have an airport extreme in the main house. It does a good job covering the main house, but on the edges of the house and in the guest house signal is too weak. I added an express to the wired network in the guest house and configured it to extend the network. It isn't functioning as a repeater, rather an extender, so it doesn't slow my wireless network down, which repeaters do. In this case, both the extreme and the express use the same SID, but when the signal from the express is stronger the connecting device switches to it transparently and then its traffic goes through its connection back to the central switch. Very happy with this configuration. Totally transparent to my wifi devices. Strong signal everywhere.

    • Answered by David H from Gilbert
  • Yes, you can use the airport express as a repeater to extend the range of your wifi network. I have a time capsule connected to my router and then an airport express and extreme in two separate locations they then link onto the wifi network and also use the wifi signal to extend out from each location.

    • Answered by Luke C from Lake Bunga