Can this be used in conjunction with Apple Cloud?

PROMISE 4TB Apollo Personal Cloud Storage

PROMISE 4TB Apollo Personal Cloud Storage

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    In current Apollo design, user can add document directly from Apple iCloud drive into the Apollo Cloud unit.
    But user can not move the document reversely from Apollo Cloud unit to Apple iCloud drive.

  • Apollo Cloud is compatible with iCloud, but does not sync between devices using iCloud. All sync between devices is done via the Apollo's own operating system.

    Apple Photos works, but how it works on its own and with other services is hard to explain. I'm giving it my best... 1) Apollo Cloud DOES SYNC your iPhone and iPad photos. If you turn on "Camera Roll" in the Apollo App on your iPhone and/or iPad, photos in your iOS Photos App upload to your Apollo device. On your Apollo device, those photos are stored as individual photo files in automatically generated "Camera Roll" folders. 2) Apollo Cloud DOES NOT SYNC your photos with iCloud's "System Photo Library." 3) This means I) YOU HAVE a complete backup of your iPhone and/or iPad Camera Roll(s), BUT II) YOU DON'T HAVE a backup of Albums, Projects, or Favorites stored in iCloud and synced via your Mac and iOS Photos Apps. Nor do you have a backup of any photos others share with you via iCloud Photo Sharing unless you specifically select and save them to your own iOS Camera Roll(s) or Mac System Photo Library. 4) Once a photo is stored in Apollo Cloud it stays in Apollo Cloud, even if it's deleted from your Mac System Photo Library or iPhone/iPad Camera Roll. This means you have a complete backup of your photos.

    Document files do not sync directly to your "iCloud Drive" but are easy to move back and forth. On your Mac, the Apollo App for OS X is required to access everything stored on your Apollo Cloud (= your Apollo Device), but you can choose specific folders to sync with your Mac hard drive (like Dropbox Selective Sync). On your iPhone or iPad, the Apollo App for iOS is required to access everything stored in your Apollo Cloud, including files synced to your Mac hard drive. The Apollo App for iOS allows you to view, download, and export files to other apps. You can also send files from other apps to your Apollo Cloud using the "share" button.