Can you make a phone call when it's closed?

iPhone X Leather Folio

iPhone X Leather Folio

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    With iOS 11.2 you can make a call with the cover closed and in speakerphone mode. Prior to 11.2, it would hang up the call. Now, it hangs up the call if it is not on speakerphone. That used to work prior to 11.2. It would be nice if closing the cover did not hang up the call.

  • Remember, when you press th lock key while out of speaker mode, it will end the call. Therefore, if the case cover w lol lock the phone, it will too end the call. I like this feature because it allows me to quickly hang up the phone and put it in my pocket without actually hanging up first, then locking it which is something I must do anyway to prevent accidentally calling someone. My line of work prohibits me from discussing a client’s info and I could get into big trouble if the wrong person were to hear my conversation.

  • When you close the cover, the call ends if you are on speakerphone.

  • Not unless you are using some form of "Hands Free" and use Siri (Or Apple Watch) to make the call, as the earpiece will be covered when the case is closed.

  • From my experience, if you have the case close while in the call, it will also hang up the call. Unless you are using headphone.