Can you mute/ unmute yourself on phone calls?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    When on a call:

    1) Press hide
    2) Press mute

  • No, not by using only the EarPods.

  • Yes, simply click the mic icon with a cross on and u can listen to them but they cant hear u at all. Good when someone is reading out a long piece of writing over the phone! Trust me...

  • Using the mute/unmute button on the phone is the only way to mute the phone. The remote is to answer calls, talk to siri, answer calls hang up calls, volume up/down and snap a photo with the "+" just like the old ones, as well as play/pause music and skip foward a track by double pressing. Skip back a track by triple pressing. Buffer by hold down in the direction you want to go using the double and triple press method.

  • You have to physically tap the mute/unmute button on the screen. By pressing the middle button, you end the call.

  • According to the manual: no. You can switch to a second incoming call with one click of the centre button and back again. But if you've only one call going a single click ends it.

  • Definitely! this function is found on the main display of your phone on the top left corner next to keypad. the buttons on the earphones while in a call are designed to answer/hang up and increase/decrease volume, and act as a microphone.

  • Yes, I can.

    Are you asking whether the EarPod has that feature?