can you use it as a hotspot when out of the house?

Can you take this with you when you leave the house and instead of using a facilities wifi you can just use this?

  • Asked by fn from Niagara Falls
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    This is for home use only. You have to have a DSL/Cable Modem plugged in for this to work, or you can use it as a signal repeater/extender on a WDS network with other Apple Routers/Time Capsule.

    The best option that you are looking for is to use an iPhone (assuming that you have) as a personal WiFi hotspot.

    • Answered by Jason N from Auburn
  • I believe it works up to 100 feet unobstructed. In other words on your porch out front or your deck out back depending on distance and the denseness of your house.

    • Answered by Daniel L from Manchester
  • Depends on the application

    If you’re looking to set up a wireless hotspot in hotels that only have Ethernet connections, then yes. This is a perfect application and very useful as many of our current internet enabled devices are wifi only. Setup instructions can be found in the Apple discussions thread

    If you’re looking to extend your current wifi network, say out to the garage. possibly if the distance is not too great.

    • Answered by Steve B from Cleveland
  • You are slightly ahead of your time. What you are looking for is WiMAX: WiFi on steroids. It's out there, but not widely available, and not yet to the individual/general public.

    • Answered by Fiona M from Richmond