Crop sensor lens?

Does the red Raven not have a full frame sensor? The lens included, the sigma 18-35 is made for crop sensor cameras.

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

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5 Answers from the Community

  • Red Raven is not a full frame camera. Most digital high end professional cameras use a super 35 sensor, not a full frame sensor.

  • The Raven isn't full frame. It uses a 4.5K cut of the Dragon sensor. If you shot on any camera with the Dragon sensor in it. The crop factor would match what you'd get in the Epic Dragon, Scarlet Dragon, Weapon MG, or Scarlet W.

    Head over to RedUser for more detailed info. But the 4.5K cut of the Dragon Sensor is about the same as Super 35 mm (3perf). So about a 1.33x crop of the 6K Full Frame version.

  • It does not have a Full Frame sensor. The RED RAVEN has a 4.5K DRAGON sensor with a crop factor at 4.5K FF (Full Format), which would be 1.66x relative to a 35mm Stills Frame.

    For full details regarding RED's crop factor, navigate to: > Learn > Tools > Crop Factor

  • The crop factor is about 1.86x - slightly narrower than Academy 35mm, and not Full Frame.

  • It's a RED DRAGON 9.9 megapixel, 23.0 mm x 10.8 mm sensor.
    What size sensor do you refer to when saying full size?