Does AirPort Express Base Station support UPNP?

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AirPort Express

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    To expand on a bit on the correct answer by Sabahattin G: I called Apple Support to confirm Sabahattin's answer. The tech I spoke to said that Apple considers NAT-PNP and UPnP to be the same spec, so any equipment that works with UPnP enabled routers (Linksys, Netgear) should work with the Airport Extreme. They probably make that claim because Time Capsule uses NAT-PNP to self-configure with the Airport Extreme, and uses UPnP to config with other routers.
    In the myopic Apple ecosystem, NAT-PNP replaces UPnP. But if the device you are connecting uses UPnP, do not expect success.

  • Alas, no. You'll need a separate machine or NAS to do media serving, and you'll have to do port forwarding manually unless your application also supports Apple's NAT-PMP (Skype, BitTorrent, but not many connected TVs and not XBox and not PSP).