Does anyone know if all of the three available Magsafe adapters - 85W, 60W and 45W - are the same physical size?

Adapter dimensions

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    All three are different sizes, and obviously the higher the wattage, the larger the adapter. I frequently swap between all three (I own 3 laptops - 11", 13" 15"). Using a 45W on the 15" results in a slower charge, but it still charges. With the higher wattage chargers, they can be used on a lower need laptop with no issue at all. The laptop just draws what it needs.

  • Thanks Matthew - but that's not entirely right. All the Magsafe adapters currently available are square. The old Macbook pro adapter was rectangular - but current models are all square. At any rate I'm looking for EXACT dimensions of each.

  • No. The 45W and 60W are about 7cm by 7cm. The 85W power adapter is about 10cm by 7cm. These will all fit into any pouches in a backpack or bag.

    Hope this helps.