Does it come with a block to connect the charger

Bought the studio 2 wl matte black got two diffrent cords but no block to connect them is it suppose to be like that

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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    I just bought the Beats Studio Wireless in the white box as well. It had matte black Charging USB cord and matte black RemoteTalk Cable. No charging adaptor was included.

  • If you purchased the Studio Wireless in the new White Apple style box, then yes, everything is there. The older styles came with cloth and other stuff, but not the newer versions. I just use an Apple iPhone charging block. After all, it's an Apple product right.

    Hope this helps

  • I bought mine last week from Best Buy, also in the white box and there was no power adapter to be found. I almost went back to the store thinking my purchase was missing something. I was relieved to read that you could just use the white apple power blocks, and I've got like 5 of them laying around from old apple devices. I personally think that information should be included in the little instruction booklet. Something to the effect of "Be sure to use your Apple power block to charge from a wall if you're not plugging into a computer USB port." I will say, the white box beats I bought were on sale for $209 at Best Buy, and they are worth every penny (with or without a power adapter). I wonder if that great price has anything to do with the lack of power brick? I would love to hear what the motive behind not including a necessary power adapter is.