does it work with ipads, too? i mean, can i use it, when presenting with keynote from an ipad?

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes it does !

    I don't know if you are still searching for this, but it actually works with Keynote, on my iPad. I just tested it.
    It is awesome !

    The only problem is that there is no application for iOS, so the functionality '"spotlight", and everything that is in the app, will not work.

    So it is basically an extremely expensive presentation remote, but it works with Bluetooth, USB dongle, it is really well made and nice to have in hand.
    There is even a case for the remote in the box.

    It even works on AirPlay !!! I mean it could have been made by Apple...

    I hope this will be useful for future user.

  • It works and only forward and backward.

    And it's much better than SATECHI presenter for iOS.

    Hope someday it works without limitation.

  • It works on Keynote BUT as you won't have the pointer function you will need a laser on your other hand. It's inconceivable that nobody had thought a solution by now in Apple. For me, it's a very expensive presenter and I still need a laser close by.

  • it did before the iOS 11 update, not it doesnt work in keynote, but it will in powerpoint on ios. i havent checked slides though

  • Hello, the presenter on the iPad doesn't work with Keynote! With PowerPoint it works :-((( Is there a special setting? Tom

  • Logitech's website says it works with:

    "Windows® 7 or later1
    macOS™ X 10.10 or later
    Limited functionalities (no Software):
    Chrome OS™
    Android™ 5.0 or later