Does the Dual Band run on a Single Signal or a seperate one for each?

We have a router that puts out a dual band signal, however it sends out the different bandwidths on different signals. This means that our iDevices can't connect to both. Is this the case with the AirPort Extreme or is a single signal for both bands?

  • Asked by fn from Ormiston
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    It's setup to auto assign and utilize the most applicable band (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz), based on the data stream of connected device(s), which supposedly optimizes bandwidth in the most efficient manner to maintain a consistent network. But this feature can easily be deactivated, which I recommend, via the AirPort utility app under the wifi settings, by assigning a name to the 5Ghz band. I noticed that when my iPhone or iPad is connected to the auto dual band mode, I tend to only get 45 Mbps down and up with a 9 ms ping. But on the 5Ghz exclusive band, I'm usually cruising around 500 Mbps down and 300 Mbps up with a 3 ms ping. Speeds are about 20% slower on our MacBook Air. Also, both our Apple TV's have never had an issue when connected to the 5Ghz exclusive band, but ran into some buffering when using the auto assign band. Please note that these data rates are only obtainable because all our devices are using 802.11ac on a fiber optic ISP. I'm sure with some playing around with all the port settings and access control, the auto dual band thing would be pretty effective, but it's oddly comforting to know that you're surfing on a half a gig wave.

    • Answered by Justin H from Salt Lake City