Does the smart keyboard got iPad pro have a microphone/ dictation key or function?

If dictation is enabled on the iPad, the microphone/ dictation key appears on the on-screen keyboard. What about the smart keyboard? I like to dictate and then make corrections as I go. I don't want to continually connect and disconnect the smart keyboard just to access the microphone button that's on the on-screen keyboard.

Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

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  • Daniel,

    The hardware keyboards never had the microphone button, so I wouldn't hold my breath to find a keyboard with this button.

    I, too, am a little disappointed that iPadPro Keyboard eliminated the possibility of dictating. I'm a fast typist. Still it would be quicker to dictate and edit only an occasional word. Hopefully, Apple can program a shortcut which would act as the 'mike' key.

    Maybe they have already done so. Does anybody know?

  • Daniel, I went to the Apple website, clicked on iPads, clicked on accessories, found the iPad Pro keyboard photo taken from directly over the entire keyboard and it does NOT have a microphone nor dictation key. There might be a shortcut, but I can't find one online or otherwise.

    I have the Logitech keyboard on my iPad Pro because the Apple Keyboard was not available yet when I purchased my iPad Pro at an Apple Store. The Logitech keyboard has an entire extra row of 14 keys at the top of the keyboard that the Apple keyboard does not have. And, all of the Logitech keys are back lighted individually. Having said all this the Logitech does NOT have a microphone nor dicatation key either.

    I WILL be purchasing the Apple keyboard when I go into the Apple Store again. They seem to be very different keyboards yet similar. Having used the Logitech I can better appreciate the differences when I go into the Apple Store again.

    For example, the main thing I don't like about the Logitech for myself is, it holds the screen too vertical for my posture, height (I'm 6 foot tall), eyesight and where I sit. My recliner holds my thighs at such an angle that's my lap is not quite level. My knees are a bit higher which is different than working at a table or desk.