Does the Time Capsule only work when plugged into a modem or does it work plugged into a router/Ethernet plug on the wall?

I'm a college student and there's campus Wi-Fi all over and in my building. I was considering Time Capsule to improve my Wi-Fi capability and to have a place to back up my MacBook Pro via Time Machine. There's no router or modem in my dorm room but there is an Ethernet port in the wall that I can plug an Ethernet cord into. Can I use Time Capsule by plugging it into the Ethernet plugin on the wall? Or does it not work like that. Also, even if that does work, because we're all on the same Wi-Fi network with different usernames and passwords to log us into the Wi-Fi, could someone else potentially have access to my Time Capsule and could they access the things on my Time Capsule or backup their own computer? Thanks!

  • Asked by fn from Pacific Palisades
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    You can use the time capsule by plugging it into the ethernet jack in the wall, thats the kind of set up I've got. This will create your own WIFI network which you can password protect, and you'll probably find this to be faster than campus WIFI.
    With regards to accessing files stored on the Time Capsule, you can password protect the disk within the capsule itself, this means that for anyone to access your files, they would need both your WIFI password and your disk password.

    Hope this helps you

    • Answered by Aaron B