Does this case still allow the iPhone X to charge wirelessly?

iPhone X Silicone Case

iPhone X Silicone Case

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    It should work as Apple announced. My wife's iPhone 8+ with the Apple silicon case charges with the Belkin wireless charging base.

  • As I witnessed, at an Apple Store, a rep use both the silicone & leather cases sequentially on her iPhone 8, to wirelessly charge with the Belkin Wireless Charger, I think it fair to say that those cases for the iPhone X, will work as well.

  • The description of the case says that it does.

  • With the silicone case you can still charge your iPhone without removing its case.

  • You can wirelessly charge a phone with a case on, so long as the case isn't too thick

    We've been testing the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with various cases and wireless charging pads and have found that wireless charging works if the case is less than 3mm thick. (It might still work if the case is a little thicker, but the latest charging pads list 3mm or less as a spec for wireless charging). Plenty of protective cases, such as Speck's Presidio Series, Otterbox's Symmetry Series, Tech 21's Evo Series and others are less than 3mm thick and can be kept on the phone while wireless charging.