Does this replace Wifi

Can I take this to school to set up a wifi hotspot, similar to the service on the iPhone. Ontop of that, can it act as a wifi router in my house? Basically, can I just just plug this thing in and get wifi?

  • Asked by fn from Seattle
  • Asked about:  AirPort Express

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    It will create a wifi signal that you can use but will not provide internet unless you plug in to your internet provider. I use it in my classroom as a wifi generator for my apple devices to work wirelessly in the class (not to be confused with internet connection). I can then send signals to apple tv for display. If you don't need internet, then all you need for a stand alone presentation system is electricity, iPhone/ipad/mac, this router, apple tv, and either a tv or projector. It is a fantastic system!

    • Answered by David I from Winnipeg