For travel to Scandinavia, I want to confirm my MacBook Pro is marked 100-240v & 50-60Hz and can be used with a converter. Where can I find this info?

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    On your MagSafe charger there will be a small label marked with 100-240V 50/60 HZ. AC. The power supply will automatically change according to the Power input. Just make sure you have the right wall plug for Scandinavia, I suggest you buy Apple's world adapter travel kit.

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  • You shouldn't need a converter at all. The power is set up to handle 240 just fine. You may need an adapter plug, that is all. My daughter was in Scotland for over a year with a MacBook and did not need a converter at all.

  • I bought my Mac in the USA but I live in Sweden. I use the US power cord with a european adapter on the plug in. No problems. ... but to make sure maybe you want to ask at the Apple store.