"Go the wired route if you want" - from AE's features description. Isn't it NECESSARY?

I am confused by this part of the Airport Express features description from the Compatibility and Security section: "Go the wired route if you want."

I've a cable modem, a Mac mini, an iPad and an iPhone. Presently, my modem is plugged into the mini which gives me online access for that device alone. I was going to order Airport Express which I understand will give me online access to all Apple devices, including the Mini (2007) through my own wi-fi network.

As part of such a setup, isn't it necessary to unplug my modem from the mini and plug the modem into Airport Express??

  • Asked by fn from Duncan
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Yes, it is necessary to unplug the Mac Mini from your modem and plug it into the AE.

    However, you have the choice of using wifi to connect your Mac Mini to the AE, or use another ethernet cable to connect it to the AE - this is the optional wired route...

    • Answered by William Q from Beaverton
  • Yes. Then Mini/iPad/iPhone can connect by WiFi.

    • Answered by Anthony S