how can I make the "Home" and "End" keys on the Apple Extended Keyboard work as line commands rather than Page commands?

ie pressing "Home" key makes cursor jump to beginning of current line of text, and pressing the "End" key makes cursor jump to the end of the line of text.

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    i just found out that if you press the 'Fn" key in conjunction with the arrow keys this works..

    Fn+Left/Right arrows = Home & End
    Fn+Up/Down Keys = Pg Up & Pg Down

  • Hi,

    Please try the following commands:

    HOME: Command + Left arrow
    END: Command + Right arrow
    Page up: fn + Up arrow
    Page down: fn + Down arrow

    Many thanks.

  • I had been a PC user all my life and bought my first Mac about a year back. I installed Parallels and have been using Microsoft Excel and Word in my Mac since then. I had also been looking for similar solution since last 10 months. Happy to share with every one that there is a very simple solution for Home and End key in a Mac Keyboard.

    Home : fn+control+Left Arrow (Works exactly similar to Windows Home key)

    End : fn+control+Right Arrow

    Page Up : fn+Up Arrow

    Page Down : fn+Down Arrow

    Very pleased with the result.

  • While this does not directly answer the question a cmd+right arrow moves you to the end of the sentence and the cmd+left arrow moves you to the start. Also the opt+right arrow moves you to the end of a word while opt+left arrow moves you to the start of a word. Unless someone comes up with a modifier you will need to go to some keyboard program like simple keys to redefine the keys. I do not think you can redefine there actions in the keyboard preference.

  • The fn up/down arrow keys don't work in Mac Word using a magic keyboard.

  • Looks like if you use these buttons it will work just like home and end, just tried them now on Mac:Word;
    Home: cmd+fn+left arrow
    End: cmd+fn+right arrow

  • The following commands worked for me and uses the least amount of key usage. Thus, easier finger positions.

    HOME: Command + Left arrow
    END: Command + Right arrow
    Page up: Command + Up arrow
    Page down: Command + Down arrow

  • Checked the answers posted here but the options for Home and End keys (fn+left/right arrows) working exactly in web pages and it is not working in the Office 365 for mac software. Command + down/up arrows works in Outlook under Office 365 for Mac but in word its not working - I tried but the cursor is not at all moving. Is there any update on this?

  • I can't make them behave as stated above. However, if you use the [Command] + [right arrow] or [left arrow], respectively, the cursor moves to the end or beginning of the line.

    [Option] + [right arrow] or [left arrow] will move you one word at a time to the right or to the left, respectively.

    The best I can determine is that [home] and [end] are dedicated to web pages/html. Someone correct me if I am wrong!!