How do these compare to the Apple In-Ear Headphones?

For years I've had Apple In-Ear headphones, and I absolutely love them. I love that I can cancel out the rest of the world and just drown in the immense bass that they put out. I've read the reviews that say that these new EarPods have a ridiculous bass and are the best value headphones out there. But how do they compare to the Apple In-Ear. I've read that they beat Bose and Zune without breaking a sweat; but what about a fellow Apple product? Thanks!!

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    I've owned both, and for unadulterated sound, the In-Ear has the EarPods beat by blocking background noise. On the other hand, when I turned up the volume on my EarPods I could hear undertones on Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms album I'd forgotten were there, so I think the EarPods probably have an even better frequency-response range or maybe less speaker impedance.