How is the new band changed?

I currently have the silver Milanese band. I can't see how to take it off if i buy the new one.

  • Asked about:  38mm Milanese Loop

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    On the back of the watch there will be two small oval impressions, one at the top of the watch, another at the bottom. Push down on one of the ovals with your finger / nail and slide out the band. Repeat with the other band on the other side. When you push in the new band you will hear a 'click'. That means the band is set properly. Enjoy!

  • If you look underneath your watch then you will see on the top and bottom, two buttons when you press one of those buttons, you can slide that side of the band out, then you can do the same for the other side and when you get the new one, you can just slide them in, no need to press the buttons when actually inserting the band.