How is this different from the smart battery cases for iPhone 6 & 6s?

I thought the iPhones 6, 6s & 7 are of same or very similar dimensions. Why the different cases for each model?

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Product No Longer Available

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    It also has a better battery. The mAh is 2365, which is a 26% increase over the 6S Battery case.

  • Camera has a bigger lense and the earphone port is gone

  • The 7 camera opening is slightly larger and lower than the 6s.

    Also there is no opening for the headphone jack on the 6.

  • It's waterproof like iPhone 7 ?? Can I put it into the water ?

  • In addition to the other answers, it's possible that the camera requires a different cutout since it seems to protrude a bit from the phone itself unlike the 6s. Also, with stereo speakers, it's entirely possible that the cutouts for the old speakers and microphone will not line up with the new design. My recommendation is to keep the existing case with the existing phone and either charge more to sell it, or sell it individually, as there are and will still be many people out there with 6s and 6 phones.

    One thought to keep in mind -- it's looking like the iPhone 8 will be a complete redesign, so anticipate that if you upgrade again next year, you will need another new case. Based on all the rumors, though, it looks like it'll totally be worth it.