How many connected devices // users does it support?

The original Express only supported 10 devices...

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    The previous model Airport Express only supported 10.

    This newer model supports up to 50.

  • The tech specs page says it supports 50 users.

  • This new version now supports 50 users like the full Airport so makes it a big improvement over the previous one. Particularly useful now in small offices or classrooms.

  • Apple say that now AirPort Express support 50 users.

  • This new one supports up to 50 wireless devices.

  • The AirPort Express Base Station Supports 50 Devices

  • 50 users on WiFi and 1 on LAN. Hope that answers your question.

  • Tech specs page says 50.

  • 50

  • 50

  • 50

  • 50

  • 50 apparently.

  • People are saying 50. I have noticed though. That the more devices are active on one airport express. The further the throughput decreases (repetly). The airport extreme is a lot better eqiped to handle multiple active devices.

    I have a house hold with 6 people living in it (and guests at times). And when everyone is at home. The airport expresses that I have really can't keep up. So an airport extream is on order (my old one is dead). It has better penetration. And cane handle a lot more active deviceses at ones.