How private is the video feed from this camera? Can it be configured such that video is solely accessible to my personal computers and devices?

I'm quite concerned with privacy, security, and limiting access to devices in my home. I would like to have a pairing system, where only devices (phones, tablets, computers) that I've specifically authorized are able to access the video/audio/etc from the sensor. This would include preventing access by employees of the manufacturer/Apple and so on. I'm happy with either avoiding the cloud storage option or having assurances that the data stored would be encrypted in a way that only my devices can decrypt.

As a corollary question: does this device require to be directly exposed to the internet in order to function (i.e. port-forwarding on the router, either automated or manual)?

Does this camera support these types of concerns, or is able to make similar guarantees about privacy and limited access?

FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Video Monitoring Camera

FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Video Monitoring Camera

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