How to clean this case?

I bought a red one and now it has turned black all over the corners.

iPhone SE Leather Case

iPhone SE Leather Case

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    There are few ways cleaning it. Because it's leather made. The appreance may change when you use it. Just like car leather seats & leather sofas.

    The best way to keep it looking fresh & clean & like new again. Either:

    * is to use fresh wet wipes, then wipe it off & dry with clean Microfibre cloth or Towel

    * 1 tiny drop of water, then wipe it off with Microfibre cloth or Towel

    * or use can tiny pea-sized amount of leather cleaning stuff & then wiping it off with an clean Microfibre cloth or Towel (Please try & test on the corner of the case & see if there's isn't any problems) but be use it with care & not too much. Just an tiny bit, then wipe it off. On light coloured leather cases only. Dark ones you won't see any changes.

    * normally I use one of those KFC handy fresh wet wipes, give an small clean, then dry it off with an clean tissue & looks fresh, clean & new again

    Black & Dark coloured eat her cases are easily to maintain & easy to keep them clean. It's just the lights ones shows more dirt. Hope this helps guys.

  • I use leather polish and a rag