How would I connect an Independant Sound System (Woofer and 4 Satellite Speakers) to an Apple Thunderbolt Display running with a Mac Mini?

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    The best way to connect an audio system to a computer is to take advantage USB Audio, which delivers the best sound quality - way better than audio jacks. Bose Companion 5 is one example of such a system, specifically for use with a desktop computer. More generally, there are "living room" receivers with such capability: you can survey a good assortment by going to to search on "usb receiver". My personal favorite is the old Yamaha RP-U100 receiver, which stands vertically to mesh nicely with a desktop computer to drive stereo speakers or a headphone: these periodically show up on eBay. (There is also the rarer RP-U200, which drives four channels.)

  • I agree with USB Audio. I would invest in a async DAC so the DAC (digital to analogue converter) controls the speed at which the data packets are fed to the amp, thus reducing errors, which in this case is jitter. Less jitter, better the sound.

    I would highly recommend you look at the Genelec range of speakers which are nearfield monitors and will blast away anything you can find on amazon, including boss which is just terrible. You will find Genelecs on the thornman website (google it). You may be a little shocked by the prices of the subs but you get what you pay for - albeit subject to the law of diminishing returns. Also, invest enough in monitors and perhaps you might not need a sub.

    I'm a self confessed audiophile and this is my chosen route to compliment my Mac Pro. No Regrets.