How would one clean these watch bands ? I have the stone and wanted to get the white but I worry about the filth as I live in NYC.

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    Many high-end shoe stores and shops that sell leather luggage and or leather purses/bags, carry excellent leather cleaning products. They often also carry products that will protect the leather without harming it. Over-cleaning can harm the leather more than the dirt, so be careful.

    I've had a watch with a white leather band for several years, and it is still quite clean, but I don't wear it every day.

    With care to avoid shoving your hands directly into muck while wearing your beautiful Apple watch, I imagine that it will do fine and acquire a nice patina over time.

  • Prior to making my ultimate decision about bands and watches, I went into the store when the watches were initially released. What made me decide against the leather band was the Apple worker in the store, who was wearing his and it was absolutely filthy. Mind you, the watches were just released and he said that he bought his two weeks prior. Eww. I ended up with the sport band.