I am asking for a friend who has no internet at home. If she buys AirPort Extreme will she be able to get on the internet with an iPad?

  • Asked by fn from Rensselaer
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    No. She needs internet connection through a network provider.

    • Answered by Umair A from Moorestown
  • No.

    An AirPort base station (AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or Time Capsule,) does not provide internet access. It makes existing broadband internet access available to devices over WiFi. For example, your friend would need DSL or cable internet, with service provided by an internet provider, and using a DSL or cable modem. That would then connect to the "WAN" (or "Internet") port on the AirPort base station. The AirPort base station then shares that internet connection with the other Ethernet port(s), as well as over WiFi, such as to an iPad.

    An AirPort base station cannot share internet that is through a mobile phone, it must have a "wired" internet connection, such as DSL or cable. (Also fiber-optic, satellite, and any other internet connection that uses a dedicated modem box with an Ethernet-out port on it.)

    • Answered by Ed H from Portland
  • The iPad uses Wi-Fi so yes, the Aitport Extreme base station will supply a wi-fi signal.
    In order to have full internet, you need to sign up for a monthly internet plan from any of the many Internet Service Providers (ISP). Some folks just stick with their cable or TV company to add high-speed internet, or you can often find many other ISPs to choose from.
    Pricing for ISPs varies greatly.

    If you just want wi-fi only, and don't need the high end features of this excellent router, you might also consider the Airport Express - it has a port for your ISP internet connection, and it then provides wireless (Wi-FI) for iPad, and other devices you wish to use.

    Note that some ISPs do include a wi-fi capability with their routers, so check that first to see if you need either the Airport Extreme or Airport Express.

    • Answered by Harold D from Toronto