I am traveling to Amsterdam & Barcelona - need info about Voltage, not plug adapters. Will iPhone charger work with the Euro voltage (220V, 50Hz)?

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    iPhone chargers work from 110-240V. No issues on the voltage for the iPhone USB power adapter. It is designed to work worldwide thus the 100-240V.

  • can i use my adapter for Mac Pro with 220 Voltage?

  • Well folks, I have returned from Europe (Amsterdam & Barcelona) and I am happy to report that my Magsafe power adapter for my MacBook does, indeed, function on European voltage (220 VAC, 50 Hz). That is, once I acquired appropriate plug adapters.

    Those iPhone & iPod 5W USB wall chargers also worked fine with plug adapters. And, finally, Apple makes a European USB charger, Model # A1400. Not sure where to buy them in the States.