I have a 42mm watch, but my wrist is small. Should I go with 42mm band or the 38mm band??

Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

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    I believe that you have to go with the 42mm band, because it refers to the watch size that the band fits, not your wrist size.

  • If your watch is 42mm you would need the 42mm band to ensure a proper secure fit. The band itself has several notches to accommodate several wrist sizes.

  • You have to go with 42mm as it it the correct size for the case - BUT, the band is toooooooo long and hangs way past where it should, unfortunately. Remember, this band doesn't give you 2 length siizes like when you buy the watch. I Ihad it and returned it because the thing was too too long and hung off, sticking out on the side.