I have a smart cover for the original iPad air, will it work on the iPad air 2?

iPad Air Smart Cover

iPad Air Smart Cover

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    It will yes, I just tried my original iPad Air Smart Cover on the iPad Air 2 and it fits perfectly. I actually bought a new on alongside the iPad Air 2 and there is no difference that I can tell between the two covers.

  • I have the original iPad Air Smart Cover, and I just received my iPad Air 2 today. The cover does work on the iPad Air 2. The magnetic strip is pretty much flush with the back of the iPad Air 2. That being said, I think it fits the original iPad Air a little better. I don't know if the Smart Cover Apple is selling now is identical to last year's, or if they've made the magnetic strip a little thinner. The magnetic strip on the cover I have is as wide as the Air 2's edge.