I have macbook pro 1211 & A1286 -- I need power adapter to work w/ both--I got with new mac= 60 watt, old 1 was 85 w-- why?

The 2 macbook pros have different model numbers: A1211 and A1286. the new one has 60 watt adapter -- how different is it from the adapter needed for the A1211? Origin equip for old machine was 85w...what do i look for to work with both?

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    Your older MBP required an 85W power adapter. The newer model requires a 60w power adapter. If you are buying another adapter to wokr with both products, buy an 85w power adapter.

  • The 85 watt power adapter is suitable for both machines (assuming they use the same power connector). It will not charge the newer Mac any faster but it will charge both Macs.