I have one Leopard and One Tiger Mac. Is it actually cheaper to get one Box set and one single user upgrade than getting the family pack?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    If I ran the math on this from here in Washington State, the short answer is that you'd break even with both options provided your newer Mac already had '09 software (which is possible if the newer Mac was purchased between February and September of '09).

    1 Snow Leopard: $29
    1 Box Set: $169
    Subtotal: $198 +10% Tax=$219

    1 Family Pack: $199 +10%=$220

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    Stay on guard. If the Tiger-based Mac is any model Mac from 2005 or earlier, it won't make the jump to Snow Leopard at all since you would have a PowerPC chip in it. Many features of the new suites require Intel chips, thus the box set would provide only limited benefit to older Macs than '06. Even with the Family Pack, you COULD move Leopard onto the older Mac and install iLife and iWork.

    If BOTH Macs are newer than '06, then the more cost-effective upgrade would be the family pack. For the same price as your package (~$220 with tax up here included), you could cover both of them with one box and be sure each is up-to-date.

    That's about the best info I have. Good luck!