I have OS X 10.4.11 and want to update to Snow Leopard. Can I still do this online? Is everything available?

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    You need to have the Snow Leopard install disk. Snow Leopard is not available as a download.

    You can upgrade directly to Snow Leopard from Tiger. I did. But I did not install "over" the OS 10.4.11 install. Snow Leopard may need to reformat the partition it is going on to, so I created a new partition for the Snow Leopard install. During install, the installer searched my mac for all other partitions with an OS on it. Then it asked if I wanted to import OS settings, apps and files from that partition. Do this. You will then end up with a dual boot Mac, one that can be started up from either OS 10.4.11 or OS 10.6. You may remove the OS 10.4.11 partition once you are satisfied that all apps, drivers, etc work the way you expect them to in Snow Leopard.