I have to get a power adapter fo a 13 inch Macbook Black Version. I have been offered a 45 watt and a 85 watt Which is the correct one for New Zealand

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  • Short answer: Get the 85 watt one. More detailed answer: The wattage requirement depends on your computer, not on your country. The Mac adapters will adapt to the voltage in your country, so either would work in New Zealand, but not necessarily with your MacBook. If you don't know what wattage your computer takes (hint: look at the adapter that came with it if you still have it), just get the 85 watt one, because you can use a higher wattage adapter (I use the 85 watt on my MacBook Air), but not a lower one. If the adapter that came with your computer was a 45 watt one (like for the MacBook Air), you could get the 45 watt adapter.