I just purchased a new Mac Mini with OS X Mountain Lion I would like to install Snow Leopard to work with my recording interface, would this work out?

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    Maybe. Snow Leopard will likely not install directly to the Mac Mini. This may be for several reasons: the Mac is too new for Snow Leopard to support, having an installation of OS X Mountain Lion will prevent Snow Leopard from installing, or, most likely, the retail disk of Snow Leopard is pre-OS 10.6.8, and some of the newer Macs will not support earlier than OS 10.6.8 if they support Snow Leopard at all.

    One work-a-round that may work (it worked for me on a mid-2011 iMac), is to gain access to an older Mac, create a new partition on the older Mac that is 10-12GB in size, install Snow Leopard and update to OS 10.6.8. Then make a disk image of the partition and restore to a partition (or external hard drive) on the new Mac. (I had to do this in order to run an expensive scanner that had no support for OS 10.7 or OS 10.8. You will still have Mountain Lion but can start up from either Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard in order to run the software you desire. Hold the option key as your Mac is starting up or use the Start Up Disk in System Preferences.)