I need a car charger to plug into for mac book

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    Kensington I think makes a plug for the car. Do not use the Airline Adapter for car use.

  • Kensington sells one that is sold through the Apple store. It's called Kensington Auto/Air Power Inverter with USB Ports

    You can ask the Apple store) customer service rep. for the link or do a search. This forum won't let me post the link here.

  • You should note, although this is a very old thread, that the Airport adapter does not work in your car.

    Per Apple:
    "Important notes:

    Using the MagSafe Airline Adapter provides power for your computer but does not charge the battery.
    The MagSafe Airline Adapter is not compatible with automobile power ports."

  • You would need to buy the Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter.