I touch-type at 70-80 words per minute. Has anyone who works this quickly found the flattened profile of the new keyboard difficult to adapt to?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    I personally have been using this keyboard since its release. I used the very clunky previous version of Apple's keyboard, and I was VERY used to its format. This very thin model did take me about 1-2 weeks to get used to. Now that I have used this model for a few years, I CANNOT use any other keyboard. The thinness really improves your typing speed by quite a lot. (The keys press down 1mm instead of the clunky 6-7mm of the original) So little effort is required to type, you'll actually FLY across the keyboard! I would personally recommend a switch to this from any keyboard, PC or Mac.

  • I'm in the 60-65 wpm category and while there was a transition period (at first it was very weird), I'm now a complete convert. When I have to use other keyboards now, my speed slows dramatically! Those other keys are simply too clunky now that I'm used to the low profile keys of this keyboard. Highly recommended!

  • I type at about 65 wpm and i use a macbook, which has the same profile keys. they work fine for me.

  • It's all personal preferences. Personally, I think it is easier to type on. It is also a lot smaller and quieter than most other keyboards.

  • i don't know my wpm, but i quite like the low-profile keys

  • When I set out to buy a Macbook years ago the only thing holding me back was the feel of (what was then) the new 'chicklet' keyboard. I didn't like it and felt as though it would slow me down, and keep me from doing any serious amount of typing. However, on one of my visits to the store I actually tested my typing speed, and I was surprised to see that I was at 45WPM, far higher than I thought I would be (~30WMP). To make a long story short, I got used to the feel within a few weeks (as another posted noted), and now I'm very fast on the flat keyboard, and (unfortunately) have become slow on traditional (long stroke) ones.

  • When I first purchased this Keyboard as a replacement for my original iMac Keyboard I will say that I wasn't sure that I would be able to use it... It felt awkward at first and It took a couple of weeks of getting used to but now I hate to use anything else (I even purchased one with my own $ for my work PC). The lower profile and key setup actually makes it easier to type on... It will be a shock at first but I guarantee that within a week or so you will love it!!!

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